1 1/2 Hr Session / 15 Games / 3 Rounds

Includes IRM4 and Tactical Molle Vest
Team Deathmatch & Search and Destroy


Per Player



Per Player


Private Play w/6 or more reservation Tues-Thurs • 8 or more Fri-Sun
- if less please call • Private Play on All Holidays and School Vacations 8 player minimum • Ages 7 and Up

Session lasts about 1 1/2 hrs-2hrs
  • Each Player will play a 15 Game Tournament (3 Rounds/5 Games per Round)
  • Includes M4 Military Rifle
  • Tactical Molle Vest
  • Free Optional Protective Mask
  • Up to 24 players on Field at a time (12 vs 12)
  • Private Play with 8+ players group reservation
  • Walk-Ons are recommended to Call Ahead to make sure we have availability!

All sessions include Admission, Referees, Equip and Orientation.
Games Styles can include Team Death Match, ,Search and Destroy, V.I.P., and Domination!